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Secret of Salakauppa

New Salakauppa filled with products and mural painting, Tarkk’ampujankatu 5, Helsinki, Finland.
Photo : Paavo Lehtonen 2023

Sketch for the mural painting. Each building means Masters workshop and Factory around the world. Drawing by Johan Olin 2022

All started from our friend Linda suggesting us to make the space into amazing store something like our previous exhibition held in 2019 at Design Museum located in Helsinki. We totally agreed and immediately started to sketch our dream shop that can be peaceful space like temple for our products and customers from all around the world. Johan started to make mural painting with Farrow & Ball paints for nearly 3 month on the wooden surface made by Kim Haapatalo and Jari Kuosmanen with lovefully made architectural detail plan by Linda Bergroth.

It was filled with our master’s workshop, factories around the world, and our travel story. Many of small details are from ‘Temple of Manufacturing’ exhibition in Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York in 2017 made by Jukka Merta and Sakari Paananen and shelves made by Mikko and Laura Merz for our previous studio in Viiskulma in 2015.

Sound we play here was made by dear Tuomas Toivonen amazing mixture from Japanese and Russian Master’s woodturning sound.

This shop has little studio on the backstage. we are working there making more secrets while shop keeping.

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