Igarashi Yoshiyuki / Master of Kokeshi Dolls

In Tsuruoka, Tohoku, Northern Japan.

Igarashi & friends.

His Kokeshi was so different from other Kokeshi. Its face was closer to Buddha’s face. We couldn’t stop looking at it. It made our mind very calm. Holistic. Meeting him was a completely different experience.

He was full of joy and a bit hung over from the other day’s party with local youngsters. He took lots of pictures of us and printed them out with his own printer and gave us as the souvenir of our life. That day 88-year-old Igarashi-san became our idol.

Igarashi san at his age of 97, he is now in his heaven. His joyful spirit will remain with us.
Thank you Igarashi san.
Bye bye Igarashi san.

Work of the Masters