Martin and Haime, and Haime / Masters of Alebrije

In La Union, Mexico

From left: Haime, Father Haime and Grand Father Martin.

La Union, Mexico. The Cruz brothers live as neighbours in this beautiful mountain area. Master Martin Santiago Cruzs’ alebrije figurines are traditionally made of copal wood. Soft wood (the female tree) for the figurine, hard wood (male) for the work bench. The work bench in below video Martin has had for 60 years! Don Martin himself is already long in his eighties. He still carves every day. He’s only complaint is that he perhaps soon will have to wear glasses for the more detailed parts of the figurines(!)

On our second visit in 2018 Haime jr. grandson of Martin appeared with his motorbike. He had worked in Los Angeles some years ago and mastered a bit of English to help us talk with Martin. And turned out there’s another Haime, Martin’s son Haime who is a skilful mask maker. With father Haime we made Tree of Alebrije, a product using the smaller branches of the wood.

Master Martin Santiago Cruz at work.

Work of the Masters