Masters of Matryoshka (coloured)


Masters of Matryoshka are like as holy saints in icon paintings while they work

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Masters of Matryoshka made by Masters of Matryoshka
Material: Linden, paint, lacquer.
Designed in 2019 by Aamu Song / COMPANY
Size: 260 x 150 x 150 mm
Manufactured in Semenov, Russia

There are many Masters involved in making one matryoshka.
In this set of Matryoshka Masters,
the outer layer is wood turning master.
Next is potato starch applying Master.
Then painting Master, lacquering Master and
the grinding Master are following.
Traditional Matryoshkas follow in the most inner layers.
While Masters make each step, they treat matryoshkas like holy babies and
give them life and spirit into the material.
Final product always has all these Masters care and spirit.
They share character and looks.
Once I asked Galia (wood work Master) what she thinks
while she turns a wood log into matryoshka.
She thinks about a happy person,
usually a kid who will play with the piece.

24. 2. 2021. Aamu Song, Helsinki


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Dimensions30 × 16 × 16 cm

Finland, Russia