Secrets of Finland

Chainsaw sculptor Taito Huotarinen and Aamu planning a new product in Makkola, Finland 2018.
Animals of Finland Puzzle, Designed in 2010 by Johan Olin & Aamu Song

What is still made in Finland?
This question we had been wondering since early 2000. Because we really had no idea.

In 2006 we got a letter from Kiasma (Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland) asking if we’d make an exhibition at their studio. We were very honoured and very stressed. We felt not like Picasso. Not like artists at all. We escaped the stress to a mökki (a cabin in the woods). There we spent our evenings around a wooden candle holder. On the bottom of it was a stamp ’Made in Finland’. Maby this was a sign for us to start finding who still makes everyday items in Finland. And so in summer 2007 ’Top Secrets of Finland’ exhibition opened in Kiasma Museum.

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