Secrets of Japan

Blue Bear 2019

Let’s talk about how it all started. We bump into the Kokeshi world by accident while searching for something else. We knew Kokeshi (traditional wooden dolls of Northern Japan) because they were often displayed at toy museums in Russia as the original influence in the history of Matryoshka dolls. 

But we had no idea how they were made. When we saw a YouTube video of Kokeshi painting while lathe is turning. Our jaws dropped. 

We started to have Kokeshi fever and ordered some Kokeshi books. Finally we learned that they are made around Northern Japan. We see the city of Aomori in the map. What a nice name. That was our first impression.

A.Song’s Sketchbook from travel to Northern Japan in 2014

While we were traveling Russia in 2014, we received a surprising email from Japan.

¨We would like to invite you to Aomori in Japan do a project next year.¨


Is that that Aomori?

This is how it all started.

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