Secrets of Mexico

Aamu with master Rufina Balbuena and Family in Izucar de Matamoros, Mexico 2018
2022 Celebration

All started from one used book we bought from Strand bookstore in New York in 2012. We bumped into this book¨Mexico Folk Toys: Festival Decorations and Ritual Objects¨ made in 1976 by Florence H. and Reobert M.Pettit. 

It was filled with endless amazing pictures and stories about the Mexican toy world. After studying and researching, it turned out that some grand children of those toy masters in the book were still making these objects in Mexico. We had an urgent fever to meet them. But at the same time, we fell in love also with Peruvian retablo, a very special folk art form from Peru.

2018 Balloons

Luxury problem: we did not know which country we should go ahead.
Suddenly two ladies from the street knocked our studio window.
¨Can we come in?¨ well… ¨Yes, this is our studio, not a shop, but please come in¨ 
They were sisters living in London, originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. We felt this was such a coincidence. They kindly told lots about Mexico and draw all kind of maps of backstreets of Mexico.

Ok, let’s go. This is how we started our first journey to Mexico, in February 2018. 

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