Abo Muchihide / Master of Kokeshi dolls

In Kuroishi, Northern Japan

Master Abo Mutsihide at work.

Abo-san’s Kokeshi looked so powerful, powerful like column of a temple. When we met him for the first time, we felt that power from him. When we met him the second time, he was not only strong but also very grandfatherly. He showed us pictures of his grand children from his mobile phone. His son is continuing kokeshi tradition, as was secretly Abo-san’s dream.

Our stool is named Kokeshi Family Stool and it has Abo-san’s whole family in it. Abo-san is in the middle as the column of the stool, and all other family members are around him under his umbrella.

Master Abo Muchihde turning a Kokeshi doll. He begins the painting work when the lathe is turning.

Work of the Masters